Branding and package design for coffee boutique in the heart of Paris


A small coffee boutique in Paris. The owners directly cooperate with the plantations that grow coffee, selling a wide range of varieties of high-quality products. In addition to the store, there is a coffee shop located on the territory of Un Grain Décalé, focused mainly on regular customers. We have developed a rebranding concept that will attract a new audience and scale the business by entering new product markets.






The logo is extremely concise. It is based on an obvious, even banal metaphor – the coffee bean. Nevertheless, this is the most solid and understandable association for a coffee shop, so we decided to keep it. The grain is simplified to geometric outlines, retaining only the key features, allowing the logo to become functional-the vertical “furrow” on the grain highlights the first letters in the words allows you to perceive the inscription as a whole – Un Grain Decale, and read only the abbreviation on the left – UGD. This is an effective technique to make a long name memorable and comfortable to read.